Tuesday, 17 July 2012

10 Years! Valhalla / Doppelganger Open Mic Anniversary Party

So we were graciously invited to play for Doppelganger's Open Mic 10th Year Anniversary Party at Doppel Cafe, Central Market. As soon as we arrived at 5-ish for our 630pm slot, there was a power outage. Thank god for the nice weather + super awesome food + free drinks, most of the attendees kinda lepak outside enjoying the breeze and the view (+ of the many hot girls who came for the gig!!) of the city.

abang Central Market Maintenance bertungkus lumus

 i tell you lah the nasi goreng damn good. i had 5 pinggan yo!

so they moved one of the acoustic act outside, the show must go on yah

besides the fact that there was a guy who played off tune and later decided to tune his guitar onstage with full volume - for a good 5 minutes or so, the rest of the line up was impeccable, 5 stars! some of the acts where i enjoyed immensely -

Mr. Gambus aka Mr. Farid Ali and Wan Gigi

she's really good, i didnt caught her name tho *tsk*

Tiah & Friends, they were absolutely tight. and awesome! shudda played more than just 2 songs.

Bihzhu, she gave out gula melaka sweets. sedapppp

so, we're finally up at 1030pm. hahaha

Jon, face melter feedbacks

tareh, moogerfooging beats

andri, synthy vocals

azzief, 80s prog synths


There were 26 acts scheduled for the show, but because off the power outage few bands decided to leave early but there were a few more who waited, soldiered on until the power was turned on again. Nonetheless, it was a great show with awesome nasi goreng! All gigs oughta have free nasi goreng.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Its official, we haz trollz!!

" Opening with drone rockers, troll-y named Zooey Deschanel Intergalactic Copulation Machine, whose droning made any recognition of their covers nigh impossible (we think they did ‘New Dawn Fades’ at one point). "


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Curse of the R8

1. 28th March: the R8 was armed to record the jam session. after the session was over, we realised we didnt press down the record button *tsk*
2. 6th June: last night at the studio, the sd card was left at home #facepalm


3. 19th June: earphone jack converter MIA :(

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Turn Up The Noise, Senawang

Recorded live at Sound Republic Studio in Senawang, 19th May 2012. Recorded with a Zoom H2n. Some equalisation and light compression applied in Reaper. Plus special guest Padhil on mixer panning and manipulation etc.